If you identify yourself as a cyclist who loves nature and wants to challenge yourself, Khao Yai is probably on your bucket list already. Only a couple of hours away from Bangkok, you will get to experience a challenging and impressive route through rolling greenery that is totally different from anywhere else.


For anyone who has fallen in love with outdoor running in the midst of what nature has to offer, PRY1 is definitely a place where you can enjoy your favourite activity. Since nature is part of our resort, every step of your run will allow you to immerse yourself with the greenery as well while adjusting your speed as you take it all in.


Our 50m swimming pool, kids’ pool, and whirlpool were designed to delight all our guests at PRY1. Whether you are a serious swimmer, a traveler who wants to relax, or a family with kids, our swimming pools will cater to your demands.


Our fitness room serves anyone whose lifestyle includes a daily workout, adding exercise to your daily leisure schedule, making it your perfect workout getaway.